Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The adventures of Dean Roberts : part III

"Top that one," Taylor challenged Christy as she rolled off of Dean to the floor.

“With pleasure,” Christy grinned confidently and walked towards the fucked out Dean.

Dean laid back against the couch gasping. He felt like he had shot a gallon of cum into Taylor and now he saw Christy's approach out of the corner of his eye.


Christy got on her hands and knees between his splayed legs. She could see the combined fluids of Taylor and him glistening from his stomach to his thighs and she grasped the fat tube of his cock in her hands. She shook it experimentally, watching it flop back and forth.


"This monster is going to need a quick priming up ," she said. "Lucky for you, I'm the best cocksucker in all of Peirce county."


Without another word Christy put her lips around the head of his cock and sucked his cock into her mouth sucking up the sweet fluids coating it, catching him soft enough so that she was able to take all of his soft length into her mouth. She loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth, sitting on her tongue, feeling his pubic hair tickling her nose as she sucked on his shaft, relishing it while she had the chance. She felt his cock begin to respond immediately, quickly getting harder, thicker, and longer in her mouth, and she began sliding her mouth up and down his length as his cock grew. She was able to take all of his cock in her mouth, pressing her nose into his pubic hair, five times before his cock was too big for her to do that again. She kept moving her mouth up and down his hardening cock as it grew longer and thicker in her mouth, stretching her mouth open as it grew on her tongue. She reached down to his big balls, kneading them in her fingers as his cock quickly grew to its full length, thickness, and hardness.


By now, Dean’s cock was on it’s way to recovery, his mammoth softening cock doing a complete 180 degrees and headed towards another full blown hard on.


"Can I just hold it for a second Christy?" Melissa hesitantly asked.

"Sure," Christy replied. "Wrap your hand around the base and grip it. Pump it while I suck on the tip."


Christy popped his thick head in her mouth and began to tenderly suck him as Melissa wrapped her hand around the base and began to slowly tug it. The big pole felt so hot and alive in her hand and Melissa mentally wrestled with the idea of allowing Dean to just pop her cherry and have it done with. Lord knows if she'd ever get a chance to fuck someone with a mammoth cock like this. She had only seen cocks like this in magazines or on the internet and here she was jacking one off.

Taylor was sitting back on the couch watching her friends Christy suck Dean’s cock and Melissa stroke it with her hand.


Christy began to slowly engulf his cock with her mouth. Taylor turned to watch, paying rapt attention as her friend slowly slid her mouth down Dean’s hard cock. Taylor’s eyes got even wider as she watched Christy steadily slide her mouth down on Dean’s big, thick shaft, working her mouth down an inch or two at a time, taking his cock deeper into her mouth and further down her throat with each downward stroke of her head. Christy quickly got to the point where Taylor had been forced to stop and continued without a pause, and then continued down, taking Dean’s entire cock down her throat and not stopping until her nose was buried deep in his pubic hair. Taylor was amazed as she watched Christy’s throat actually bulge as she took Dean’s monster cock down her throat. When she got to the base of Dean’s cock Christy held her mouth there and swallowed around Dean’s cockhead deep in her throat several times, making him moan as he watched.


Christy then began sliding her mouth back up the length of Dean’s long, thick cock. Taylor watched Christy’s throat return to normal as Dean’s cock slid out of it, and her jaw dropped at what she was seeing. When Christy got to the head she stopped, keeping the head trapped in her mouth as she ran her tongue over and around it, then took a deep breath through her flaring nostrils and went back down on Dean’s cock again, all the way to the base in one long, fluid motion, the bulge in her throat reappearing. Taylor was amazed at the ease with which her friend, Christy deep-throated Dean’s big cock, and she sat there in utter astonishment watching as her friend slid her mouth up and down Dean’s cock in a steady rhythm, taking his shaft deep into her throat all the way down to the base with each downward thrust and sliding her mouth all the way up to the tip before going back down again. Taylor could see her friend’s cheeks hollowing in with the suction she was applying to Dean’s cock as she sucked on the way up his shaft, and she heard Dean moan slightly. Christy was massaging and squeezing Dean’s big, heavy balls with both hands as she sucked his cock in long, deep strokes, and Taylor heard Dean moan again and noticed that her his breathing had gotten fast.


Christy pulled all the way off and spoke the words Dean never thought he'd hear.

"Wanna stick that monster in my ass now stud?" Christy said in a husky low voice.

Taylor, Dean, and Melissa all gasped simultaneously at the wicked offer. Taylor knew that this was Christy's ace in the hole, having heard her friend describe the pleasure of anal sex.

"Wait," Taylor protested.


Christy turned to regard her.

"What?” Christy replied.


“You gonna let him stick that monster in your ass now?" Taylor asked.

Christy looked at the long, thick, mammoth cock and slowly shook her head.

"I didn't think so," Christy said confidently and then she climbed onto the couch and straddled him, a knee on either side of his hips. She reached down and grasped Dean’s hard cock and pointed it up towards her pussy, lowering down so that she could rub the bulbous head up and down her slit to coat it with her juices. She was already wet, and she moaned slightly as the head of Dean’s cock rubbed against her clit. "Get it wet in my pussy first, big boy!"


“Ready, Dean?” Christy asked, looking down at Dean as she held the head of his cock in place against her opening.


“Ready, Christy,” Dean replied, and he truly was. The hot, wet opening of her pussy against the tip of his cock was driving him crazy, and it was all he could do to resist grabbing her hips and slamming her down onto his throbbing shaft. The view of her big, firm tits hanging over him, the nipples hard and erect, coupled with her flat, taut stomach leading down to her smooth shaven mound and pussy lips had his cock throbbing despite having already cum once. He was good for at least one more, probably two, and that was a good thing considering that he had two women to satisfy.


Taylor slowly sat down on Dean’s cock, the big head stretching her pussy as it slid inside, and she moaned as she slid down his thick shaft. The sensations of his huge cock stretching her pussy wide and slowly filling her up made her pussy flood, and she pushed down again to take more of his cock inside her.


“Oh, my God, this cock is so big!” Christy moaned, tossing her head back and closing her eyes as she worked her pussy down onto the monster cock beneath her. “I love the way it feels inside me, stretching my pussy out! It feels so good!”


“Your pussy feels amazing, sweetie,” he replied, reaching up to grasp Christy’s big tits in his hands as she continued to work her pussy down onto his cock. He squeezed the big globes in his hands and tweaked the nipples, making Christy gasp with pleasure.


“Is it tight for you, Dean? Is my pussy nice and tight around your big, mammoth, thick cock?” Christy asked, pausing for a moment to catch her breath.


“Very tight, sweetie,” Dean replied, making Christy smile.


"Maybe I've bit off more than I can chew," she thought. "If he feels that big in my pussy, he's gonna feel even more..." Christy thought as she sat down hard, pushing her hips down and sliding her wet pussy down onto the rest of Dean’s hard, thick cock, groaning loudly with pleasure as she impaled herself on Dean’s monster cock.


Christy threw her head back and groaned again as she took the last bit of Dean’s cock into her tight, wet tunnel. She ground her hips around in a slow circle, gripping and squeezing the monster cock buried inside her as her pussy adjusted to it.


“You want to fuck my ass doggie style stud?” Christy asked with a wicked smile.


“Sure!” Dean replied.


Christy got up and got on the couch on her knees. She put her hands on the back of the couch. Her knees touched in the middle of the couch as she spread them apart, leaning forward as she put her hands on the back of the couch Christy looked over at Dean’s and his huge cock and then at Taylor.


“You gonna fuck my ass now stud?” she said, looking over her shoulder at him, his mammoth cock glistening with her juices. She reached beneath her body and slid her hand over her pussy.


“If you haven’t changed your mind,” Dean replied


“No I haven‘t,” she replied in a quiet voice.


“Then tell me,” Dean said, his cock hard and throbbing, standing up in front of his body, glistening with her juices as it bobbed slightly with the blood pulsing through it. Christy’s eyes went down to his cock and hung there for a few moments, her mouth open, and then she looked back up at him.


“I want you to fuck me,” Christy said breathlessly, “I want you to fuck me in the ass with your big, thick cock!”


“Ready?” Dean asked, gripping her hips with one hand and placing the head of his cock against her asshole and rubbing it around a bit. Christy gripped the edge of the couch with both hands, closed her eyes, and braced herself.


“Okay, I’m ready!”

Dean pushed forward with his hips, driving the head of his cock against her tiny hole. He met solid resistance at first, but continued pushing forward; then he felt her start to open up, felt her ass loosen to accept his cock. Christy groaned at the pressure and the first twinges of pain, but held her ground. She summoned her resolve and actually pushed back against Dean’s huge cock, forcing her asshole to stretch and take him in. She closed her eyes and groaned as she pushed, feeling his cock start to penetrate her, and she pushed harder.

With a nearly audible ‘pop’ the head of Dean’s cock slipped into her ass, stretching her painfully. Christy cried out as the mammoth cockhead entered her, and she gripped the edge of the couch so hard she thought she would tear it.

“Damn, Christy, your ass is tight!” Dean said. “You’re gonna make me cum in no time like this!”

‘God, I sure hope so!’ Christy thought to herself, ‘I’m not sure how much of this I can take!’ Then she spoke out loud to Dean.

“Just hang on, Dean, don’t move,” she gasped, trying to adjust to the discomfort. “Give me a minute to get used to it before you start to move!”


It was too late for surrender. Dean was on auto pilot, the hot clutching ass squeezing him tightly. He bulled his way further and looked down to see the obscene sight of half of his monster cock lodged in the young girl's ass. He experimentally rolled his hips and heard her moan. He started to pull back before he heard her weakly say.

"Where're you going? Give me a second though." Even through the searing pain in her ass, Christy recognized that the good feelings couldn't be far away. The "hard" part was over, now it was just a matter of getting used to having a telephone pole in her ass!


He pulled her back to him by her hips, slowly but firmly, and she cried out as his cock started sliding deeper into her tight ass. He pushed steadily, slowly sliding more and more of his big cock into her, and she cried out again.


“Oh my GAWD, it’s so fuckin’ BIG! ARRGH!!” she cried, grimacing as Dean’s cock slid further into her ass. Through the pain the pleasure started, and Christy felt her pussy moisten and her clit start to tingle as more of Dean’s cock invaded her ass.


“Just….just…don’t, don’t….” she stammered as Dean pushed, “just don’t stop!”

Dean looked at Taylor in surprise, and he couldn’t believe that Christy had just ordered him NOT to stop fucking her ass! He grinned and then shoved his hips forward, impaling Christy on his mammoth cock. Christy screamed as she felt his balls bump against her pussy, and she knew that he was completely inside her ass. The pain was quickly turning to a mixture of pain and pleasure, and she wanted the pleasure part to take over – needed it to, actually.


Dean began to move sliding his cock slowly in and out of her ass in short, firm strokes. The more he stroked the more her ass accepted him, and the more pleasure she felt. The pain quickly subsided into a dull throb, replaced by a type of pleasure that Christy had never known before. She’d done anal before, but never with someone as big as Dean, so the effects were tenfold what she’d experienced before. Dean moved her ass up and down the length of his cock with his hands on her hips, and Christy meet his thrusts. Her big breasts hung down in front of her, bobbing back and forth with her motions as she moved on Dean’s huge cock


He was pumping a third of his cock easily into her ass with a steady rhythm. Christy was now moaning quietly to herself, as her hand came down to stroke her pussy. Her eyes were squeezed shut, but he could tell that she was no longer in pain as she was before. He heard another moan and looked over to see Melissa slumped back against Taylor as Taylor's hand had slid into Melissa's shorts and was rapidly fingering her. Since he had already given Christy one screaming orgasm, he saw no harm in shooting for the trifecta.

"Hey, you want some of this Melissa?" Dean asked

Melissa's eyes fluttered wide open and she looked at him lustfully.

"You bet your sweet. Monster cock, I do!"

Dean looked down at Christy, who was looking back at him over her shoulders exasperatedly.

"Just gonna leave me high and dry?"

He shrugged and grinned. Christy shook her head, but smiled back.

"That's ok. Just promise me you'll give me another shot at that mammoth cock sometime."

Dean still couldn't believe the departure his life had taken from reality. "Sure," he promised and then gently pulled himself from Christy's ass. He stood over Melissa and Taylor. Their eyes were drawn like magnets to the glistening telephone of a cock wagging wetly above them.

"Oh Taylor!" Melissa whispered. "I don't think I can..."

"Shuuush," Taylor calmed her, as she withdrew her hand from Melissa's crotch. "It'll be worth it, trust me." Taylor started lifting Melissa's shirt, but she stopped her, realizing that Dean was going to see her nude. The teen was more concerned with him ridiculing her than taking on the monster twitching between his legs.

Melissa had the biggest set of breast in her class. Through out middle school and the last 3 yrs of high school, she had grown from B’s to C’s to D’s, and now at 18, she wore a double D. Though her tits were giant, Melissa was a very cute girl. Her skin was kind of pale, with black hair and brown eyes. Melissa had an hourglass figure with heavy, ample boobs and a nice big ass to match. She was not fat at all. Only weighted 120 and was 5’5” She was the only white girl in her school that people could say had back.

You would think that being a phat ass white teen age girl with huge breast, would get her a lot of guys chasing after her, but that wasn’t the case. She was still a cock virgin. A lot of the guys in school were scared of her because of her not so normal breasts. Even the geeks were scared.


With sensitivity beyond his years, Dean knew what she was thinking. "Let me see you Melissa. You're so beautiful." It was the most words any of the three young girls had heard the Dean utter in twelve years of school. Taken aback, Melissa relaxed and allowed Taylor to draw her shirt past her stomach and up over her head. To showcase her enormous breast literally busting out of her bra. The tops of her breast were spilling over her tight fitting bra. Dean's mouth watered as his eyes drank in the size of her huge breast, each as big as his head. Melissa shook her black hair out once her shirt was off, her huge breast swayed with her movements.


"Well?" she asked meekly.


Dean did not answer as he dropped to his knees and grasped her shorts. Melissa lifted her hips and allowed him to slowly pull her khaki shorts and simple white cotton panties down and off her legs. He sat back and looked the curvy girl over. Melissa was leaning back on her hands as Taylor unclasped the multiple hooks of her heavy-duty bra. The back sprang apart and Melissa sat up, allowing the white garment to slip off her shoulders and fall from her chest.


Melissa started bouncing her huge tits up and down and then wobbled them from side to side, smacking them against each other making thunderous noises. Dean couldn't believe the sight he was seeing.


Melissa practically hypnotized Dean as her breast swung back and forth into each other. Her weighty tits sloped down on her chest, full and round. Her areolas were light brown and large, at least three inches across. The nipples jutted up plump and fat. Melissa reached down and gathered her huge breast in her hands, pleased at the look of lust on Dean's face. This was the first time a guy had seen her tits and she wanted to make sure he wouldn't forget it soon. Dipping her head, she sucked one of her nipples between her lips and watched his eyes grow wide. Dean felt Christy come up behind him and press her soft large breast against his back. Her hand came around and began to stroke his cock.

"There're something else, Dean?" Christy said.

Taylor scooted away from Melissa allowing the curvaceous girl to lay back. Her big mammoth breast sagged and spread out on her chest like two pillows. She rested with her feet flat on the floor, her thighs spread wide. Dean drank in the sight of her shaved pussy.

He took a long drink and knelt down between her white thighs. Here he could smell the musky scent of her cunt, already prepared by Taylor.


“Please, Dean,” she said, her voice nearly a whisper with desire.


“Are you sure?” he asked softly, and she nodded her head in reply. “


“I want you to fuck me, Dean, I want you to fuck me with your big, thick cock!” she said as she spread them her legs further apart, making room for him to enter her


Dean moved in close, his thighs touching the edge of the couch, then leaned over her, his drooling cock hovering over her stomach and dripping precum onto her abdomen. He leaned over and kissed her, gently, their tongues touching briefly, before he straightened up again. He grasped his cock and pointed it down towards her pussy, placing the bulbous head against her outer lips. He rubbed the big head up and down her slit, her outer lips parting immediately to let him rub the head up and down against her soft, wet, slick inner lips. She gasped as it rubbed over her clit, he hips bucking. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit firmly three or four times, spreading his slippery precum up and down her pussy as her equally slick juices covered the head of his cock. Finally he slid the head down to her tight, wet tunnel, pressing it firmly against her opening and making her gasp lightly as he looked down at her.


“Ready, Melissa?” he asked.


She bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath. She raised her big browns eyes to his and nodded. nodded,


He pumped his cock with his hand hard twice more to force as much precum into her opening as he could, then began slowly but firmly pushing the head of his cock into her pussy. She groaned and winced as the big head of his huge cock slowly slid inside her pussy, spreading her opening wide, stretching it more and more as it pushed its way inside her tight tunnel. She gripped her breast tightly in her fingers, twisting them as the bulbous head slipped inside her, the flared ridges at the back of the head slipping inside her. She gasped loudly at this and he paused, letter her pussy adjust to the big head of his cock being inside her.


“God DAMN, your cock is so fucking big!” she moaned, panting for breath as she looked down at the tube of his incredibly long, incredibly thick cock pointed down to her pussy, the head now inside her. The sight of the head of his cock trapped tightly inside her young pussy excited Dean.


Of the past four pussies Dean had been in, this one was by far was the hottest. Dean didn't know if it was her super tightness or her ultra wetness. Either way, her pussy felt like no other.

"I‘ve never had a cock inside me, only had a few dildos inside me." Melissa hissed through her teeth.


Taylor and Christy both nodded their heads.

"Melissa, honey, you're going to have to relax," Taylor coached, laying down beside her friend and running her soft hands over Melissa's huge breast circling her nipples with her finger.

"And you," Christy said in Dean's ear. "Your job is easy. Judging from the way you fucked my ass, knocking a hole in that should be a piece of fucking cake. When she gives you the go, just thrust as hard as you can. Don't hold back, that'll just prolong it. Get it over with."


Melissa and Dean both nodded in understanding.


“Ready for the rest of it?” Dean asked, looking down at her.


“I want your cock inside me, Dean,” she said, hooking her feet behind his thighs to keep him there. “Now give it to me! Push that monster cock inside my virgin pussy and fuck me with it!” she was frightened but at the same time she wanted that big cock stuffed inside her pussy more than she’d ever wanted anything before.


Melissa looked up and locked eyes with Dean just as he pushed his cock savagely forward, driving it as deeply into Melissa's pussy as he could. Dean would swear later he heard an audible ripping sound.


Melissa threw her head back and screamed as Dean‘s monster cock invaded her cock virgin pussy. Melissa’s hips lurching up off the couch and dancing on the end of his mammoth telephone pole cock. Rather than continue, Dean held his position and allowed her to buck and shake. She whimpered and moaned for a few moments before her lurching hips came back down onto the couch.


"Ohhhh, shit this fucking cock is big as hell!" she muttered.


Christy and Taylor smiled proudly like pleased parents. As with Christy's ass, the hard part was over and once Melissa began to coo and wiggle her hips, Dean started pumping his mammoth cock in and out of Melissa’s deflowered pussy.


Her mouth fell open as she sighed as he pushed his cock inside her tight, wet pussy with one fluid stroke, leaning over her on his hands as he slid completely inside her. She slipped her legs around him and closed her thighs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him and driving him deeper into her with her heels on his ass. He pushed harder into her, shoving his cock as deeply into her as he could, and she tightened her legs around him as she pushed on his ass with the heels of her feet.


“Aahhhhh, yes!” she moaned, looking up at him with hooded eyes. “Mmmmm, it's really starting to feel good inside me, your big, hard cock feels so nice inside my pussy!”


She reached up and took his face in her hands, then pulled him down to kiss him. The kiss was fiery hot and filled with passion, their tongues dancing as she prodded him into movement with her heels on his ass. Dean started thrusting, slowly at first, sliding his cock in and out of her wet tunnel in long, slow, deliberate strokes. He pulled out until just the head was inside her opening, then thrust forward until his balls pressed against her ass, and she helped him drive his cock into her with every stroke by pressing her heels on his ass. She kept her strong legs and thighs tight around him, but not so tight as to prevent him from moving.


They broke the kiss off and Dean held himself above her, resting his weight on his hands, as he slowly thrust in and out of Melissa’s tight, wet tunnel. He could feel her gripping and clutching his cock with her inner muscles as she moved her hips against him.


Taylor leaned over and sucked one of Melissa’s erect nipples between her full lips while Christy scrambled to do the same on the other side. With her friends cradling and pleasing her body on either side of her, Melissa became a woman on the end of Dean Roberts’ mammoth cock.

The three teen age girls looked up at Dean as he pulled his mammoth cock out of her and knee walked up Melissa’s body and hovered over her soft mountains.

"Uh oh, Melissa. Looks like your breast are about to get fucked," Christy whispered.


Melissa grinned with a new found cockiness and raised herself up on her elbows.

"Only if he shoots his big load of cum all over my pretty face and tits!"


Taylor and Christy sat up on the couch beside Melissa and pushed each one of Melissa’s tits towards the other one, as Dean lowered his long shaft between her mammoth breast. Her pliable flesh parted around his pole until his cock rested against her breast bone. The earlier wetness of their fucking ensured that no lubrication was needed, but Taylor and Christy, as if on cue, leaned over and spit a long strain of salvia between Melissa's tits. This caused Melissa to giggle giddily.

Dean was in heaven. Her breast were so fucking huge and so soft. He began pumping between them, the orbs sloshing and rippling at his thrust. His precum was flowing freely now, the length of his thick shaft and the valley between her huge tits quickly becoming shiny and slick with the slippery fluid. Melissa looked down and watched the head of his cock appear and disappear between her tits, occasionally dipping her head down to suck the head of his cock when it appeared between her huge tits


"Yeah, fuck her big tits Dean." Taylor said, struggling to maintain her grip on Melissa’s left breast as Dean's thrusts became more forceful. "I have gotta warn you Melissa, if what he shot in me is any indication, he's gonna drown you in cum." All three of the girls chuckled, "Mary said he nearly drowned her and hit the top of the car with his...." Taylor continued.

Dean stopped his titfucking of Melissa’s large breast and the three other sets of eyes looked at Taylor's suddenly reddening face. ”Oh shit, I'm busted, she thought.”


"Who said he nearly drowned who?" Christy and Melissa both gasped, both shocked at what Taylor had just told them..

"I'm so sorry Dean. Girls talk. Probably more than guys. You're not mad are you?" Amy said and softly touched the shocked Dean on his chest.


Melissa was still staring wide-eyed at her friend, but the battering titjob soon brought her back to present. "God, your big cock feels so good pressed between my tits!" she breathed, her voice husky with desire. "I can't wait to feel it pumping between them when you cum!"


Then she lowered her mouth down to the head of his cock, sucking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head as she continued sliding her big, firm breasts


Then Dean felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls that signaled his approaching orgasm. His breathing quickened as his orgasm built, and either Taylor heard his breathing change, because she looked up at him as she pressed Melissa’s left breast against Dean’s cock and leaned down to lick Melissa’s nipple. She looked up at Dean and grinning a lopsided grin.


"You're gonna cum, aren't you, Dean?" she said.


"Yes, I am," Dean said, his breathing quickening and his balls tightening in preparation to shoot his load.


"Give it to her, Dean!" Christy commanded. " Cum all over her face and tits, Dean!" she said, breathless with desire as he thrust his cock harder and faster between Melissa’s tits.


Dean felt his cock widening and his balls shifting, and he knew he was mere seconds away from giving Melissa, and the other two busty teens exactly what they wanted. He grunted whipping his drooling cock from between her cleavage and stroking it right in front of her face.


Christy without hesitation brought her hand up and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, gripping it like a baseball bat with one hand right below the head. His cock was so thick that her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around it, and the feeling of having his throbbing cock in her hands was wonderful. She felt it all the way down to her soaking wet pussy again. She gripped his cock firmly and heard him gasp, then she started pumping her hands up and down the thick, hard shaft.


Melissa had just enough time to wet her lips and close her eyes before, Dean’s cock exploded right in their faces, a long, thick, heavy stream of cum blasting out of the end of his cock and hitting Melissa square between the eyes. She yelped in happy surprise as the blast of cum splattered all over her face, but Christy held on to his cock and continued pumping it as one long stream after another came shooting out of his shaft, and Christy could feel his cock throbbing and pumping in her hands. The second blast hit her right on the end of her nose, splattering all over her cheeks and sliding around the sides of her face to her ears, with the third blast shooting directly into her mouth which was hanging open by pure chance.


She gagged and choked as the heavy stream of cum filled her mouth and ran down her throat, automatically swallowing it to clear her throat, but her friend Christy still held on to his cock as he continued to cum. She pointed his cock down a little bit so that the rest of his cum landed on Melissa’s neck and huge breast, and Christy continued stroking his cock as it pumped again and again, covering her neck and breast with long, heavy ropes of cum. Four, five, six, seven times his cock pumped in Christy’s hand, each spurt lasting for nearly a full second in duration, pumping out more cum than she thought humanly possible. They were beginning to think that he’d never stop cumming!


But Dean did, the pulsing and throbbing of his cock slowing, the flood of cum erupting from his cock easing off to a mere trickle, and Christy held his cock up to look at it again as the last of his cum slipped out of the tip of his cock and slid down the underside of the head. She licked up this last drop and swallowed it, then pumped his cock slowly to get the last of it out of his shaft. When she was sure she had it all and that there was no more coming out, she released his now-softening cock and sat back against the couch, his cum literally dripping off of Melissa’s nose and chin to land on her chest with the rest of it that coated her neck and upper chest. She was absolutely soaked in his cum – it was in her hair, all over her face, dripping from her eyebrows, she even had cum in her ears! She wiped the cum out of her eyes with the back of her hand and then started to laugh, looking up at Dean who was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath from one of the most intense orgasms he’d had.


“I thought for a minute there that you were gonna drown me in cum!” Melissa said, wiping the cum from her cheeks and then looking down at her chest to see the huge amount of cum that was there.


Dean felt his cock twitch as her pink, soft, wet tongue snaked out and licked the cum from her lips and her hand, which she then swallowed.


"Mmmmm," she intoned, and it was like the supper bell had rang at a ranch, as Christy and Taylor simultaneously began to lick and suck every bit of cum off Melissa’s breast that they could get their tongues on.


All three girls were so caught up in their cum feast, they almost didn't realize that Dean had stood and was in the process of getting himself dressed.


"Where are you going in such a hurry Dean?" Tatlor asked, getting to her feet and sliding her hand up his chest and around to the back of his neck, pulling him slowly to her. "The night is still young and so are we. Why don't you hang out and we'll see if we can't have a little more fun later on. Remember my parents are gone for the weekend!"


Dean could feel the firm, heavy mounds of her big breasts pressing against his chest as she drew him close, her hand latching onto his cock.


Taylor tilted her head, closing her eyes as their lips touched. Her lips were soft and warm, parted slightly as the kiss began, and then parting more as her delicate pink tongue, soft and wet, slid into his mouth to find his own. He slipped his arms around her trim waist and pulled her closer to him as the kiss deepened, her hand still gripping his cock and pumping it more firmly as they kissed. He could feel her big breasts mashed against his chest, her hard pebbles of her erect nipples evident, and he slid his hand down to grasp one firm, rounded asscheek in his hand. He squeezed it firmly and she moaned in his mouth, signaling her desire for him.


He could feel his cock start to ooze precum, and the ooze quickly turned into a steady flow as she tugged and pulled on his cock. She felt the slick spot on her stomach where the head of his cock had rubbed his precum on her skin, and she slid her hand up to the head of his cock to rub it around and get his shaft slippery again. He slid his other hand down to her ass and grabbed her other cheek, squeezing them both in his hands as she slipped her hand up and down his shaft.


After a few more pleasurable moments she finally broke off the kiss, looking deeply into his eyes as she panted slightly for breath. She smiled as Dean grinned and nodded, noticing the eager facial expressions of the three busty teenage vixens. He really did want to see how the movie “Boogie Nights” ended after all.



To be continued?



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