Monday, September 1, 2014

The adventures of Dean Roberts: part II

The most improvement in Dean’s senior year, seemed to be with the girls in the school. He wondered if it had anything to do with what had happened between him and Julia Wright and Mary Scott a couple of weeks before school started.

Since Dean’s first time with a girl, much less two girls! He spent the first couple of weeks afterwards snatching up the phone at home every time it rang, praying it would be one of the gorgeous college coeds calling for a rematch. It soon became clear to Dean that it was a one time occurrence and they had gone back to their lives as college students without a thought of Dean.

The truth was that the night of wild sex had a big impact on the two college coeds, especially Mary. She had wanted many times to pick up the phone and call Dean, if not for a simple hook-up for sex, then just to talk to him. She had felt a connection with Dean and not just through his mammoth cock. Mary however, had used all her powers of resistance, honoring her promise to her younger sister Taylor. Upon limping home, fresh from getting fucked by the young man with the mammoth cock. She had told her sister with the tales of the prowess of the bashful boy.

Mary had made Taylor promise to keep the information to herself. Part of Taylor was mortified that her gorgeous older sister had sex with Dean, but the other part of her was curious as to what could have been so captivating as to compel her to do so. Taylor had gone to school with Dean since grade school and the thought of fucking him was beyond repugnant, but to hear Mary talk about it...

Taylor was currently leaning against her locker, scanning the hallway for her shy classmate. Eighteen years of age, Taylor was of average height, thin for her frame, with long brown hair. She shared her most interesting attributes with her older sister, Mary. She had big blue eyes and a sensuous mouth, her lips full and pouty. Her tits were huge, full and round, standing out from her chest like twin torpedoes,

It had taken her almost a month for Taylor to work up the courage to approach Dean and she had waited until just before last class of the day to do so. She spotted him slowly walking his way through the crowded hallway, his books clutched to his chest and his eyes glued to the floor. She took a deep breath and reached out to tap his shoulder with her fingers, as he walked past her.

"Can I ask you a ask you something, Dean?" she asked.

"H-h-hi Taylor."

His first thought was a bit defensive. Since the only time anyone talked to him was to tease and pick at him.

"How's your week been Dean?" Taylor said sweetly.

Dean could smell the wintergreen gum she was chewing and he lost himself for a moment watching those full, beautiful lips work. He snapped back when he heard her sigh dramatically.

"Uh, I'm sorry. What'd you say?" he stammered.

Taylor flipped her long brown hair about her shoulders and took a few quick looks up and down the hall. She leaned closer to Dean.

"Can you keep a secret?" she whispered. "My parents are out of town for the weekend and my dad just stocked up his liquor cabinet. You wanna come over and have a few drinks? Maybe watch a movie?"

"Why me?" he asked.

"Mary told me she talked to you a few weeks ago and I thought it was about time we got to know each other better. She said that you’re a pretty interesting guy," Taylor replied, stretching the truth. Mary had said he was interesting, but Taylor edited the part about her knowledge of his mammoth cock between his legs.

"S-s-sure! I'd like that! What time?" Dean asked

"Say about eight," Taylor said. "And keep it to yourself. I don't want a bunch of people raiding my dad's liqour."

Taylor smiled back and headed for class, Dean's eyes glued to her tight little ass as she walked away. He then turned and headed in the other direction, a definite new skip in his step.

Out of sight to the two conspiring teens, Taylor's best friends, Christy Barber and Melissa Smith, had curiously watched them, wondering what had gotten into their friend. They looked at each other quizzically and rushed to catch up to Taylor.

"Hey Taylor! What the hell was that all about? You and Dean got a hot date tonight?" Christy teased/

"Cut it out guys," Taylor said defensively. "Dean is a nice guy."

"Since when?" Christy replied. "I don't think I've ever seen you exchange two words with him and now you're inviting him over to watch movies and drink your dad's liquor? What's really going on? I thought we were going out to the lake tonight? Somebody said Shane gonna have a bon fire and a keg."

"Maybe some other time," Taylor said, rushing towards her class as the tardy bell began to sound. "I'll see you guys a little later."

Christy and Melissa just stared in wonder at their friend.

"Something up and I’m gonna find out what it is," Christy thought to herself said as her and Melissa turned and headed to their own class.

Dean’s parents were thrilled that he might be coming out of his shyness, when he told them he was going over to a classmate to watch a couple of movies. They urged him to stay as late as he wanted.

At precisely eight o'clock Dean stood on Taylor's front step. He turned and waved his mother and dad away furiously as they sat in their car at the curb, eagerly watching their shy son. They waved and pulled away before Dean turned back to ring the door bell. He had assured them he would call for a ride or get Taylor to bring him home later.

As the door bell echoed inside the home, he checked to make sure his fly wasn't open right before the door opened.

"Hey Dean! Come on in!" Taylor chirped, leaning out to pull him bodily inside before he was spotted by any passers by.

Taylor thought Dean had gotten kind of cute over the summer, she admitted to herself and if what Mary had told her was true, then tonight should be fun. She had threatened her sister with bodily harm if she was lying to her about the size of Dean's cock and was eager for some confirmation before investing too much time entertaining the geeky young man .

In order to get the ball rolling quickly, Taylor had purposely dressed in as little as possible. She wore a thin, white T shirt, two sizes too small for her. It clung tightly to her chest, accentuating her large breast. Right before opening the door, she had pinched and twisted her nipples, instantly hardening them. They jutted out in sharp relief against her shirt and the fabric was so thin, her nipples and large, dark areola clearly visible. Her shirt ended inches short of her tight, spandex shorts.

She shamelessly stretched her arms over her head, further exposing her flat stomach and drawing Dean's widening eyes down her torso. She noticed him nervously shuffling his feet and set the hook further by

“Okay, so c’mere Dean and give me a nice big hug and a kiss!” she said.

Dean stepped in and put his arms around her slim waist, and she threw her arms around Dean and pulled him close, hugging him tight and literally molding her shapely body against his, pressing those big globes firmly into his chest.

“MMMMMM, that’s nice!” she said, talking over his shoulder. She held him close for another few seconds and then loosened her grip, looking him in the eyes as she said, “And now for that kiss!”

It wasn’t what Dean expected at all. By that time Dean was expecting a toe-curling, cock-hardening tongue-burner of a kiss, but instead she kissed him softly on the lips, letting her lips part naturally, holding his head in her hands as he rested his hands on her shapely hips. Her lips were soft and warm, and Dean was in heaven. The kiss lasted maybe two seconds, but to Dean it lasted an eternity.

It was the best kiss of his life. Up to that point, anyway.

When the kiss ended she spoke softly, smiling, her eyes shining bright. “Follow me!”

Taylor could feel his eyes burning into her swaying ass as she walked over and gestured to the couch.

"Make yourself comfy Dean. I'll get us a couple of drinks," she purred and walked out of the living room into the kitchen.

Dean watched Taylor walk away, being treated to a view of the most shapely and spectacular ass he’d ever seen twitching back and forth as she walked out of the room. He went over to the couch and sat down, adjusting his now rock-hard erection so as to not snap it off in the process. Dean sat back and tried to concentrate on the TV, but he couldn’t get the image of Taylor out of his mind. All he could think about was how he would just love to see her naked,

"Could lightning strike twice?" he excitedly thought, "Or was this simply just an innocent invitation to hang out?" He eagerly awaited Taylor's return.

Taylor swayed back into the living room, her large, heavy breasts jiggled and bounced freely inside the shirt, her nipples and large, dark areola clearly visible. She stopped just beside him, her bare leg contacting his. Dean reflexively pulled away, but she stepped forward, bringing them back in contact. He left his leg there this time, hesitantly looking up at her as she extended a glass towards him.

"I hope coke and rum is ok," she said, smiling broadly down at the red faced boy, a thin line of perspiration visible on his brow. "So, my sexy little parade is getting to him," she thought as he reached up and took the glass, nodding his head.

Taylor sat down on the couch, turning to face him. She tucked one leg under herself, and putting her arm up on the back of the couch and propping her head up with it, still smiling at Dean. Her unfettered breasts swayed and bobbed with her every move, her nipples clearly visible beneath the fabric, and it was driving Dean absolutely fuckin’ crazy!

Dean licked his lips nervously. The two teens merely sat there in silence for a few long moments, until Taylor kicked off her flip flops and began to run her manicured toes up and down Dean's right calf.

Dean cut a glance at Taylor’s face and thought he detected the same lustful look he had seen in her sister's eyes when she was jacking his mammoth cock. Lord knows he had replayed the scene enough times, but he wondered if his imagination was getting the better of him.

Unbeknownst to him, it wasn't, as Taylor could feel her desires heating up just from rubbing against the lean muscled youth. She got her bearings and spied the remote on the couch armrest past Dean. Rather than ask him to retrieve it, she leaned her body over his lap and reached for it.

Dean sucked in a lungful of breath as Taylor's huge breast sunk down on his throbbing cock. By now, the head of his mammoth cock was protruding above his shorts and Dean was certain that she had to feel it’s hardness rubbing against her stomach. Thankfully his shirt still covered the head of his cock.

Taylor definitely felt the big lump pressing into her abdomen as she picked up the remote. "Wow! Mary wasn't exaggerating!" she thought. Rather than sit back up, she swung her legs onto the couch and lay across him on her side. Thrusting her monster breasts out at Dean. He could now see about two miles of cleavage thanks to the large V-neck shirt she was wearing, and his cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts.

"I'm not hurting you am I, Dean?" she asked innocently, biting her bottom lip, as she directed the remote and cued up the just released DVD of "Boogie Nights". When he didn't reply, she turned her head to look up at his beet red face. She smiled sweetly, her big green eyes sparkling mischievously. She could feel her pussy beginning to get wet.

"Erm, no. Fine," he grunted. She boldly winked and rested her head on her left hand., making her big breasts hang down and pressing onto his legs.

“Look, Dean, I’ll be blunt: I want to fuck you, and I know you’ve want to fuck me, too. The bulge in your pants has been telling me that all night long! So,” she said, getting up and sitting on his lap sideways, her shapely ass settling down on his rigid cock as she put her arms around his neck, “Are we going to fuck or not?”

Before he could answer her. Taylor pulled his head towards her and kissed him, and this one was the kiss he had been expecting before. Her soft lips pressed firmly against his, her head moving slightly back and forth as her tongue snaked between his teeth to find his. Their tongues touched as she opened her mouth wider to deepen the kiss, and Dean did the same. He put his arms around her and held her close as their tongues danced, Dean’s cock rock-hard and pressing against the firm, rounded globes of her ass. She kissed him long and deep, and when she finally ended the kiss Dean was nearly breathless with desire.

“Well?” she asked in a low, breathy voice, looking deeply into his eyes with those incredibly sexy and deep green eyes of hers.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied in an equally low and breathless voice, “we’re gonna fuck!”

“Good,” she said in that breathy voice, then put a hand on the back of Dean’s head and pulled his head down to kiss him again. Their lips met and their tongues danced again as Dean leaned forward and cupped and squeezed her large breasts. A little overeager, he pinched her nipples a little hard.

"Oww!" she yelped.

"Sorry!" Dean replied, pulling his hands back.

Taylor has had enough inexperienced hands yank on her tits that she recognized a novice when she felt one. She reached out and guided Dean’s strong hands back to her chest.

"Here, let me show you," she offered and instructed him on how to cup and mold the soft flesh and how to stroke and tease the rigid nipples for maximum pleasure. After a few moments, she let him take back over.

Dean massaged and squeezed her right breast, feeling the nipple harden against his palm as he massaged the huge, heavy globe. She moaned into his mouth and kissed him even harder, holding her arms tight around his neck as he pinched and softly pulled on her nipple through the material of her shirt. She wiggled her hips a bit against the hard tube of Dean’s cock beneath her as he hefted her breast in his hand, marveling at its weight before squeezing it again.

“Oh my God, that feels good,” she said, breaking the kiss at last. “I just love to have my breasts squeezed and played with!” she said as Dean continued to massage and squeeze her breast. “It makes me so hot! Oh, yes, baby, squeeze it, just like that! Mmmm, yes! Pull my nipple, baby, pull it! Oh my God, yessss!” she hissed as Dean pulled on her nipple.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly, enjoying the sensations he was causing. Dean slipped his hand down and went under her shirt, sliding it up her stomach back to her breast. Her nipple was a hard little pebble against his palm as he laid his hand on her breast. Feeling her warm, soft breastflesh against the palm of his hand sent a thrill through him that he felt all the way down to his balls, and he squeezed her bare breast. She writhed on his lap, pressing her butt down onto his hard cock as Dean lifted her heavy breast by the nipple. She grabbed his head and pulled him down for another kiss, this one hotter, deeper, and more intense than any before it, moaning into his mouth as he continued to massage and squeeze her breast and nipple.

Then Taylor broke off the kiss and sat back gasping for breath, her hands locked behind Dean’s neck, her eyes alight with an intense sexual fire so bright it was almost scary. Dean released her breast and rested his hand on her hip, feeling the material of the side of her spandex shorts. She looked into his eyes for a few moments, mouth slightly open with one corner turned up in a sexy smile.

“Would you like to see my big boobs, Dean?” she asked.

“I sure would, Taylor,” he replied, smiling back at her. My cock was so hard now, and felt like it was going to burst at any moment from the pressure of the blood engorging it.

Dean watched her huge breasts rise and fall with her breathing, the nipples hard little pebbles standing out proudly against the cotton of the t-shirt. Then she grabbed the hem of the t-shirt and lifted it up and over her head, pulling the shirt off in one quick, fluid motion. Her breasts bobbed and swayed with her motions as she dropped the shirt on the floor.

Her breasts were magnificent - big, heavy and full, slightly torpedo-shaped, standing out proudly from her chest with only a little sag. Her nipples were pink and erect, each the size of a pencil eraser, standing out prominently from the center of two equally pink, saucer-sized areolas. The left globe was slightly red from all the attention Dean had been giving it a few moments before. She slid her hands up her sides and cupped her breasts from beneath, holding them up for him and massaging them slightly.

“Have you ever seen a pair of boobs as big as mine, Dean?” she asked, still smiling that slight, wicked smile at him.

Dean was mesmerized by the massive globes in front of him, and his cock twitched hard when she started rolling and pinching her nipples between her two fingers.

“No, I haven’t,” he replied, “They’re the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen, and they’re fantastic!” he replied.

"Do you like my big tits, Dean?" she asked, pulling and tugging on her own nipples gasping slightly at her own touch as she spoke.

"Yes, I do," he said, watching as Taylor's nipples got even harder as she pulled on them. "You're much bigger than Mary," he said, and Taylor smiled.

“And they’re sensitive, too – I can cum just by having them played with and the nipples sucked! So now, Dean,” she said as her heavy breasts swayed back and forth as she moved, “it’s time for you to make me cum like that!”

She was standing on her knees on the couch facing Dean now, and he was looking up at her as she reached out and placed her hands on the back of his neck and head, then pulled his head forward to bury it between the mounds of her mammoth breasts. She moved her elbows inward to push her breasts together, nearly engulfing his whole head in the process. She giggled as she held him there for a few moments, nearly suffocating him in titflesh, until she finally released his head from her cleavage.

Dean reached up and grasped her breasts with both hands, squeezing them both, and she moaned as he held one breast up to his mouth and his lips found her nipple. She drew a sharp, hissing breath as he sucked the nipple firmly into his mouth, then pulled on it by moving my head back. Her hand went to the back of his head as he nibbled the hard nub with his teeth, keeping the suction up.

“Oh yes, baby, yessss! That’s it, baby, that’s it! Suck my nipple for me, make me cum!” she said, pressing his head against her breast.

Dean released the nipple from his mouth and switched sides, finding the nipple on her other breast and sucking it into his mouth. She gasped as he did so, pushing her hips forward against his lower chest. He moved from breast to breast, sucking and nibbling on each nipple in turn as he massaged and squeezed her breasts, and it wasn’t long before her arousal hit its peak. She grabbed onto Dean’s head and pushed it into her breast as she climaxed.

“Oh my God, here it comes, baby, here it comes! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’M GONNA CUMMMMMMMM!!!!” she screamed as her orgasm hit, waves of pleasure washing over her body.

She held Dean’s head fast against her big breast as her orgasm shook her body, her hips pressing against him as she rode the tidal wave of pleasure rocking her very soul. Just when he thought he would pass out from lack of oxygen by his face being pushed into her tits she released him, falling forward and pushing Dean back against the couch as she collapsed against him. Her orgasm was spent, and she lay against him with her head on his shoulder, gasping for breath, her big mounds pressing against Dean’s chest. The musky, heavy scent of her arousal filled the room, fueling his own lust for Taylor, and Dean put his arms around her and held her. She slipped her arms around his neck and hugged him back, lying there as she caught her breath.

After a few moments she sat up, sitting back on his thighs and resting her hands on her own thighs. Dean couldn’t help but notice that the crotch of her spandex shorts was soaked with her pussy juices.

“Told you I could cum like that, and boy, did you make me cum!” she said, a broad smile on her face, reaching for his shirt, never taking her eyes off his.

She audaciously grasped his shirt between her fingers and lifted it, exposing the purplish pulsing head peeking above his shorts. The head was broad and fat, flexing rapidly as his heart pounded.

"Oh my!" she breathed. "You do have a big boy, don't you!?" She brazenly wet her forefinger in her salivating mouth and teased it over the tip. Dean groaned deep in his chest and his head dropped back against the couch.

Then Taylor slipped back on Dean’s thighs a little bit as she reached for the top of his shorts and pulled them down, setting his throbbing cock free at last. She looked down at it and smiled, holding his shorts down with one hand while she wrapped the fingers of her other hand around his shaft and squeezed, slowly pumping it. Her grip was firm and her hand felt wonderful wrapped around his throbbing shaft.

“What a nice, big, thick, HARD cock you have, Dean!” She looked up at him and smiled, slowly pumping his cock with her hand. “I am SO gonna enjoy this!” She looked back down just as a large bead of precum appeared at the tip of his cock, and she squeezed upward making it even bigger. Without hesitation she slid further back on his thighs and leaned forward, pulling his cock out towards her as she bent over and began to drag her wet, pink tongue over him. Taylor licked the bead of precum from the tip

Dean shuddered at the sensations running through the sensitive head, and she squeezed more precum from his shaft and licked it off again. The she slipped her soft, full lips around the head of his cock and sucked on it, firmly but gently, all the while pumping the shaft with her hand to coax more and more precum from it. She had the entire head of his cock in her soft, wet, sucking mouth, and began slowly sliding her mouth up and down.

She never took more than just the head of my cock in her mouth, steadily pumping the precum from him as she sucked on the head.

Eager to feel more of her mouth, Dean lifted his hips and tried to push down his shorts without dislodging her. Taylor stopped her ministrations, slipping his cockhead out of her mouth and sitting up. She released his shaft and stood up, straddling his legs. Then she bent over and began tugging at his shorts, pulling them down off his hips. Her large breasts hung down from her chest, swaying back and forth as she moved, her long, hair hanging down and partially obscuring his view of them. Dean lifted his hips to assist her slide his shorts off and she wrestled them off his legs and flung them over her shoulder, pegging the sleeping cat that fled the scene with a screech. Then Dean quickly kicked off his tennis shoes.

Dean’s cock rested against his abdomen, swollen and throbbing, as she moved his knees apart and stepped between them. She spread his thighs wide as she knelt down in front of him, sitting on her haunches with her arms on top of my thighs. She smiled up at him with those deep, emerald eyes of hers as she reached out and grasped his hard shaft with both hands, gripping it firmly. She pulled it towards her until it was pointed straight up and began slowly pumping it, forcing more precum from the tip. Then she shifted her gaze to his cock, watching as the bead of precum grew larger with each stroke of her hands on his cock. She drooled a long string of saliva onto the head and began to work it in with her hands.

" nasty," Dean muttered, watching her spit another glob into her palm. Taylor grinned devilishly.

Oh you haven't seen nasty yet." She smacked her lips and opened wide, sliding him back into her piping hot mouth. Working in conjunction, she jacked the bottom portion of his cock while she tossed and twisted her head around, her hair flying about. Dean reached down and tried to tuck her hair behind her ears. She stopped and looked up.

"You wanna watch me suck this cock, don't ya?" she teased.

Dean nodded eagerly, so Taylor obliged him by gathering up her long hair in her hand.

"Here, hold my hair." She daid.

Dean used both hands to hold her hair up in a ponytail as she resumed her sucking.

Dean was beside himself with excitement, watching her tug on his cock and then lower her mouth to the bulbous head and slide her full, soft lips over it. She began sucking immediately, drawing the precum from him, pumping his cock harder to get more of it. She swirled her tongue around the head and poked it into the slit, making him jump just a bit, then slid her mouth down his shaft to engulf the first six inches of his thick cock in one slow stroke.

Dean watched her working on him, her warm, wet mouth sliding up and down his thick shaft, the skin of his cock glistening with her saliva. She had one hand wrapped tightly around the base of his cock and was slowly pumping it as she slid her mouth up and down the rest of it, while she was massaging and squeezing his balls with the other. Dean was very impressed with just how good she was at giving head and even more impressed with how much of his cock she was able to take in her mouth.

‘She’s better than her sister, Mary!’ he thought to himself as he watched her head bobbing up and down as she continued to suck his cock. He watched her for a minute or so longer and then he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensations of Taylor’s warm, wet, sucking mouth sliding up and down on his thick, hard cock as her hand massaged and squeezed his balls. After a few minutes she paused in her efforts, slid his cock from her mouth and she looked up at Dean and smiled, then licked his cock slowly with the broad flat of her tongue from the base to the tip and back before speaking.

“Well, I guess I know what I’m gonna do when I’m ready for you to cum!” she said, “But not yet, not quite yet…” and then she bent her head down and slid her mouth over his cock again, sucking the shaft into her mouth once more. She began sliding her mouth slowly up and down his length, always keeping the suction on it, squeezing and massaging my balls as she did so. With my cock buried in her mouth and one hand on his aching balls, she slid the other hand up Dean’s chest to find his left nipple. She flicked her fingertip over it and then took it between two fingers and pinched it, twisting it slightly as she did so.

An electric-like shock bolted through Dean at this, and he jumped harder than before. Taylor continued rubbing and pulling at his nipple as she sucked on his cock, every now and then pinching it and making him jump. After a few minutes of this Dean was hanging on from cumming by a thread, and she knew it. She grabbed his cock with one hand, the other still working at his nipple, and slipped my cock from her mouth.

“Let me know when you’re gonna cum so I can get ready, Dean,” she said, her voice slightly husky, “Because I’m gonna swallow every ounce of it!” Dean just nodded his head, not opening his eyes or lifting his head up from the couch, and Taylor immediately went back to sucking his cock.

She lowered her head and slipped her lips over the head of Dean’s cock again. She swirled her tongue around the shaft and up over the head as she slowly slid her mouth up and down his throbbing cock, slipping her hand down to grip his balls as she pulled on his nipple. She was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked on him, going up and down over and over again until he could feel the pressure building and the first twinges of an approaching orgasm deep in his balls. She took his cock deep into her mouth, deeper than ever, the head just past the back of her throat, and then she slid her other hand up and grabbed onto his other nipple. Dean jumped as she pulled and pinched on both nipples hard, twisting and pulling on them, and when she began swallowing around his cock over and over again he lost it.

Dean’s orgasm hit hard and fast, his cock twitching in Taylor’s hot, wet mouth and then erupting deep in her throat. The cum exploded out of his balls, raced up his shaft and blasted out of his cock right into Taylor’s swallowing mouth. She never missed a beat, never hesitated, never flinched as stream after stream of hot, thick cum jetted from his pulsing, throbbing cock. She just kept on swallowing, taking it all, pinching and pulling on his nipples, twisting them as his hips rose up from the couch as his back arched, the most intense orgasm of his life taking control of Dean’s body. Then he heard her moaning around his cock in her mouth, and Dean realized from that and the increase in her scent in the air that she was cumming as well. And through it all Taylor never spilled a drop, but swallowed everything he could give her, and more.

Just when Dean thought his brains were going to come shooting out of the end of his dick the spasms slowed, his orgasm slowly ending, and the throbbing of his cock in Taylor’s mouth slowed. His hips fell back to the couch, and he laid there panting and gasping for breath. One final spasm and the last bit of cum came out of his cock only to be immediately sucked down and swallowed. Taylor released his now-aching nipples and slid her hands down his body, wrapping one hand around his balls and the other around his shaft as she slowly slipped her mouth from around it, sucking all along the way. She slipped her mouth from the head of Dean’s cock with a soft ‘pop,’ then licked along the underside. She looked up at him past my cock and smiled.

“Wow, you came good!” she said, still slowly pumping his cock with her hand and rubbing his balls with the other. “You hadn’t cum in a while, had you?” she asked.

“No,” Dean said between gasps for breath, “I hadn’t. Been more than a couple of months, actually,” he replied.

“Now that’s a damned shame! No, it’s a crime, really, with a huge cock like yours!” she said.

“Well, at least you know what to do with it,” Dean said, smiling back at her. “I just can’t believe this is happening!”

“And it’s not over yet, sweetie,” she said. “I’m not finished with you!”

“You’re not?” he replied, incredulous.

“No, I’m not,” she said. She looked at his cock she was still stroking and then back at him and said.

"You ever dine at the Y, Dean?" Seeing his perplexed look, she clarified, "Pussy. Do you eat pussy?"

"Yes, I mean, I, uh, haven't, you know, I'd like to..."

"Okay, okay, I get it," she said cutting off his ramble. She stood up, releasing Dean’s cock and it slapped against his stomach, her big breasts swaying as she stood. “Because like I said, I’m not finished with you yet!” she said as she kept eye contact with him, she immediately hooked her thumbs into the sides of her spandex shorts and pulled them down her hips, then slid them down her legs and stepped out of them, her heavy breasts swaying with her movements, the nipples hard and erect. She held her shorts out to the side, still looking in his eyes and smiling a half wicked smile, as she deliberately dropped them onto the floor to join her discarded shirt. Then she spread her feet apart, put her hands on her hips and stood there in front of him, allowing him to take in the sight of her completely naked body.

Dean licked his lips after letting his gaze linger on this voluptuous, big breasted vixen for a few moments he looked down at her pussy; she had trimmed her pubic hair into a very narrow and neat “V” strip, clipping it close as well, and her outer lips were shaven smooth. He could see that her outer lips were swollen and full, slightly parted, an indication of just how aroused she was.

Taylor stepped onto the couch, straddling Dean and bringing her muff to eye level.

"No time like the present to learn." she palmed his head and pulled him closer.

She spread her legs apart and heard him gasp just a little as she exposed her young, smooth shaven pussy to him for the first time, and he paused for a moment to admire its perfect shape and beauty.

“Do you like my pussy, Dean?” she asked, lowing her head down and looking over her huge breasts and down her body at him. He looked up at her as he replied.

“It’s beautiful, Taylor, absolutely beautiful!” he said, looking back down again. He reached out and ran a finger over her smooth, wet outer lips and felt her jump slightly, gasping again at his touch, and then he rubbed her outer lips more firmly with his fingers.

Her lips parted, reveling the pink, wet folds of her labia to him, and he traced a finger up and down her slit. She moaned slightly as he did so, then moaned a bit louder as he placed the tip of his finger against her tight opening and pushed it in. He felt her pussy clamp down on the tip of his finger, and he slipped it in and out just a bit to tease her. Then he slipped his finger out of her pussy.

Dean leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue up her wet slit, making her hips squirm as he tasted her sweet juices for the first time. He licked her slowly several times before running the tip of his tongue over her clit, then flicked it over the hard nub several times to make her moan. He leaned further in and clamped his lips over her clit, sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue over and around it. She cried out briefly, her thighs moving around the side of his head, her hands finding his head to intertwine her fingers in his hair as he sucked her nub.

"Wow, for a beginner, he's not bad," Taylor thought. She hadn't found many teenage boys who were adept at this art, preferring the more experienced and tender tongues of her girlfriends to...

Then Dean slid his tongue down to her opening and pushed it inside as far as he could, and she pulled his face against her pussy as she clamped down on it with her inner muscles. He began sliding his tongue in and out of her tunnel.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum!” she cried, panting for breath, her fingers still caught in Dean’s hair as she pulled his face more firmly into her pussy. “I’m gonna cum, Dean, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna CUM!!”

And she did, her pussy flooding Dean’s mouth with her juices as her tunnel contracted and fluttered on his tongue as he pushed it deeply inside her pussy. She clamped her firm, shapely thighs around his head as he rubbed her clit, hanging on to him for dear life as an intense, powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Dean clung to her pussy, intent on making her cum as hard and as long as possible, and she cried out again as her orgasm continued. Her hips bucked and jerked as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing through her body, as her orgasm took control of her very being.

Her cumming this hard and this long has an immediate effect on Dean, and he felt his mammoth cock begin to harden and rise as he held on to her hips. By the time she was finished cumming he was rock-hard, his cock fully erect and throbbing, standing up in front of him, the precum flowing.

When her orgasm finally faded she was left breathless and gasping, panting for air. Her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath, her big breast rising and falling with her chest as she tried to recover from the intense orgasm that had just rocked her body right down to her soul. Dean looked up at her, watching her big breasts with her still-hard nipples rising and falling as she caught her breath, and she lowered her head down to look at him. She smiled a weary, satisfied smile when she looked down at his glistening face.

“I said I wanted to fuck you and I haven’t done that yet, so now I’m going to fuck you!”

Taylor lowered herself on the couch on her knees again as she had done the first time, straddling him, this time with her naked pussy inches above his aching, straining cock.

“Now let Taylor take over." She said, as she put her hands on the back of the couch on either side of Dean’s head and sat down, her pussy landing on his cock lengthwise. Her pussy was already soaked from having cum twice, and her glistening outer lips immediately parted and slipped around the sides of his cock. She slid her hips back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy along the underside of his cock, getting it slick with her juices.

Dean reached up and took both of her big, heavy breasts in his hands, gently kneading them and pulling on the nipples.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good!” she said, closing her eyes as she slid her pussy up and down the underside of Dean’s cock. She opened her eyes and looked at him, then leaned forward and kissed him deep and long, rubbing her pussy along his cock as he squeezed her breasts in his hands. Their tongues danced once more, and when they both couldn’t take it no longer she broke off the kiss and straightened up.

Dean’s precum was flowing like a river, mixing with Taylor’s juices as she lubricated his cock with her pussy, sliding up and down the length over and over again. She moaned as she moved, feeling Dean’s hard cock throbbing against her pussy and between her outer lips, and she knew that she needed to feel this big cock inside her – now!

“I want to feel this big, hard cock inside my pussy, Dean,” she said, slowly slipping her pussy up and down the underside of his shaft. “I want to feel it deep inside my pussy, filling me up, and then I want to feel you cum inside me! I want to feel your cock pumping and throbbing inside me as you shoot your cum deep in my pussy! Will you do that for me, Dean? Will you fill my pussy up with your cum?”

“Yes, Taylor, I will!” he said, pulling and tugging on her nipples. His cock was aching for release, throbbing with desire, desire for Taylor.

Taylor got up from sitting on Dean’s cock, putting one foot on the couch to lift her hips up high enough to clear his cock once she held it up. She grasped his shaft with her hand and pointed it up towards her pussy, and was surprised when the head bumped up against her mound and forced her to lift her hips up even higher.

“Damn, this thing is big!” Taylor said, lifting her hips up the extra inch or two required to get the bulbous head of Dean’s cock between her outer lips. She did it, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her lips several times before placing the huge head against the opening of her wet tunnel, pressing down on it just a bit and then pausing to catch her breath before going any further.

Taylor began to push down on Dean’s cock, slowly sliding her tight, wet pussy down onto his shaft. She threw head back and moaned as the bulbous head of his big cock stretched her pussy opening wide as she forced herself down onto it, gasping when it finally penetrated her. Dean felt the hot, wet tightness of her pussy clamped around the head of his cock and he moaned a bit himself. Taylor paused again, panting a bit as she let her pussy adjust to the big head of his cock inside her, and then she began pushing her hips down and sliding her pussy further down on his monster cock.

“Oh, my God, this thing is fucking big!” Taylor gasped as she worked her way down onto Dean’s monster cock, “and it feels so good!”

Taylor continued to push her tight, wet pussy down onto Dean’s throbbing cock, and Dean was literally awash in sensual pleasure as she worked him over. Taylor’s pussy was incredibly tight on his shaft, and he felt her continue pushing her tight, wet tunnel down further onto his shaft, taking more of it inside her. She groaned as his throbbing cock filled her pussy, stretching her young, tight pussy wide, and then Dean felt the head of his cock bump against her cervix and he knew he was as deep inside her as her pussy would allow.

“Oh!” Taylor cried out as she felt Dean’s mammoth cock hit bottom inside her. “Ahhh, God, this is…oh my God, I’ve never…ah, shit!” Taylor stammered, slowly rotating her hips and grinding them down on Dean’s cock, her pussy enveloping the shaft tightly.

Taylor began moving then, slowly lifting her hips up the length of Dean’s thick cock until just the head was inside her, then sliding back down and moaning loudly as the thick tube of his cock filled her tight pussy once again. She moved slowly at first, letting her body adjust, steadily increasing her tempo as her pussy adapted. Dean could feel her inner muscles fluttering and gripping his shaft as she fucked him, driving her pussy down onto him as far as she could with each downward thrust of her hips.

“Oh, my God, his cock is so big!” Taylor gasped as she moved up and down on the thick shaft, her pussy stretched to the limit as she engulfed it over and over again. “But it feels so fucking good!” she moaned, leaning forward and bracing herself with her hands on Dean’s shoulders as she rode his cock in long, deep strokes, taking it to her limit with each downward thrust of her hips.

Dean was awash in a sea of sexual ecstasy, with the sensations of Taylor’s hot, wet pussy wrapped tightly around his cock and sliding up and down his length were indescribable. All he could do was lay there and let Taylor ride him, and that was just fine with him.

After just a few minutes Taylor began moving up and down on his turgid cock a little faster

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!” Taylor gasped, and then she cried out as her own orgasm hit. Dean felt her pussy grip his cock as she came, still sliding up and down on his cock, her juices flooding her pussy and running down his shaft. She moaned loudly as the ripples of her orgasm tore through her body, dropping her hips down hard to force his cock as deep inside her pussy as she could get it, crying out again and again as her orgasm shook her body.

"Yeah, fuck me motherfucker! Fuck me hard," she goaded.

Dean began to pump his hips up off the sweaty leather couch, their combined perspiration slicking the surface.

"Fuck me like the cheap slut I am," Taylor screamed.

She'd never felt so full of cock. It seemed she could feel every ridge and vein on the monster as it pumped smoothly up in her. She wasn't sure where her language came from and neither did the unseen eyes peering around the corner of the kitchen avidly watching the copulating pair.

Christy Barber and Melissa Smith had slipped into the house right about the time the cat fled the scene, almost tripping over the frightened feline. They watched their best friend in amazement take the immense teen cock deep in her mouth before getting what looked like a first class head job. By the time they watched Taylor bounce and jerk atop Dean, Both of them had their hands in their shorts, rubbing themselves eagerly. This was the first fucking they had witnessed, but had experimented on each other, as alluded to earlier. Christy was an admitted cock hound and her thoughts centered on how she was going to get in on this. mammoth cock.

Melissa was a virgin to cock and committed to stay that way, satisfying her urges with her own hand and her friends' tongues when the opportunity was there. In her eagerness though to see the mammoth cock now smacking in and out of Taylor's tight hole, Melissa leaned over too far and the both of them fell into the living room.


Taylor screamed and popped off of Dean, almost breaking his huge cock off at the base, certain that her parents had just busted them. She curled up at the corner of the couch, covering what she could of her busty teen body. While Dean doubled over and groaned, holding his crotch. When Taylor realized who it was and what she had been doing, her eyes flashed with fury and embarrassment.

"What the fuck!? What the hell are y’all doing here?!" she screamed.

"Watching you fuck Dean Roberts, what do you think?" Christy huffed and pushed Melissa's corpulent body off hers

Taylor's mouth gaped and shut, gaped and shut. "Well...well...well get out the hell out of here! I can't believe the two of y’all! Don't you two have any common..."

"Uh, uh, not for a second," Christy countered, getting to her feet. "I for one am not leaving until I get a chance at that monster cock. What about you Melissa?"

Melissa shook her head. "I just want to watch," she mumbled. Taylor and Christy rolled their eyes at their friend.

"No fucking way!" Taylor spat. "This isn't some fucking free for all, is it Dean?" she looked down at Dean who by now was sitting up, his mammoth cock still pointing stiffly north.

"Well, I dunno, I guess I could, can't we, can't we all just get along?" Dean replied.

Taylor swung around to confront the amused Christy.

"This is so fucking like you Christy! You're always trying to fucking horn in on me!" she looked back at Dean. "I'm gonna fuck you so good, you won't have a drop left for her!"

She strode over and gracefully straddled Dean and lifted her hips up and grabbed his cock. She pointed it at her pussy, rubbed the head up and down her slit once or twice, then placed the head against the opening of her wet pussy. She slipped down just a little bit, just enough to hold it there while she put her hand back on the couch beside his head, and Dean could fee a slight sucking sensation as she tightened the opening of her pussy to keep it there. Then with a long, soft moan she slid her pussy down onto his mammoth cock, engulfing it all in one long, fluid stroke until he was buried deep inside her. Her head was back and her eyes were closed as she sat still on Dean’s cock buried deep inside her, and he could feel her pussy muscles moving around his shaft as they adjusted to being stretched by his cock filling her up. She slid her hands down to his chest and lay her hands flat against his chest, palms over his nipples, then lowered her head and looked at him.

The look on her face was pure, intense desire, and without breaking her gaze with Dean she began to slowly ride him. She slid up and down on his cock, bracing her hands on his chest as she moved, sliding up until just the head was trapped inside her opening and then, she settled into a steady, deliberate rhythm, fucking him in long, deep, delicious strokes. Her pussy was incredibly hot, incredibly wet, and incredibly tight.

Christy's eyes flashed with jealousy. Who would have thought she'd ever be jealous of anything having to do with Dean Roberts, she thought. As she watched Taylor's supple ass cheeks rotate slowly on the thick shaft, she began to remove her clothes. Once she was naked, she dropped into a nearby armchair with a front row seat to the passionate pairing.

Her juices bathed his shaft hotly and dripped down, coating his sack. He gripped her hips to control her movements, but Taylor pulled them away and pinned them above his head.

"Uh uh. Let Taylor do all the work, baby." She said.

Taylor began to move her tits over his face and searching mouth as she rode him, allowing him to began sucking on her nipples, first one and then the other, as she continued to ride him. She clamped her knees against the sides of his thighs as she rode him harder – not faster, but harder – and he sucked and on her nipples even more. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, and he knew that she was getting ready to cum. She sat down hard on his cock and then changed the motions of her hips, sliding front to back instead of up and down so that the head of his cock rubbed against her clit as they fucked.

She figured if she could prolong this as much as possible, she might drain him dry and prevent Christy from topping her. Taylor knew that she was no match in the experience department and didn't want Christy to steal her thunder. She could see a whole year's worth of potential fun with the mammoth cocked youngster and hoped she would not have to share.

As much as Taylor wanted to ride Dean all night, the feel of his mammoth cock were bringing the feelings of a monumental orgasm to the forefront. Then she opened her eyes and looked down at him, and her voice was heavy and thick with lust. Her eyes were hooded as she spoke, and the air was thick with the scent of her sex

“I’m gonna cum all over your cock, baby,” she said, never stopping her movements. “I’m gonna cum all over your cock and drench it with my sweet pussy juices, and I want you to shoot your load in my tight pussy. Cause there’s nothing more than I like more than my pussy filled full of hot cum.”

Before Dean could respond she closed her eyes and moved her hips with more deliberation, and he knew she was about to cum. Dean could feel her pussy gripping his cock, feeling her muscles tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing around his hard shaft, trying to milk the cum from him. Dean slipped his hands down her body, over her hips and around to her ass, gripping both full and firm cheeks of her ass in his hands. Dean could feel her ass muscles clenching as she squeezed his cock with her pussy, and he felt the first twinges of his own orgasm fast approaching.

"I bet you've got a big load saved up in there for me, don't you? Don't hold back baby. Fill me up! Shoot me full of that hot load, cause here it comes, baby, here it comes! Can you feel it, baby, can you feel it? Can you feel my pussy squeezing your cock, getting ready to cum all over your cock?” she asked, her breath coming in gasps, her hips moving on Dean’s cock. She laid her hands flat on his chest for support.

Dean gripped her ass harder as she rode me harder

“I’m gonna cum, Taylor!” Dean gasped, feeling his balls tightening beneath her ass.

“Oh yes, baby, yes! Cum inside me, fill me up! Yes! Yes! Fill me up you big dicked fuckerrrrrr! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…ooohhhhh, baby, yes yes yes!” she cried, “Give it to me! Give it to me NOW!”

And Dean did. His hips bucked upwards as his cock exploded deep inside Taylor’s throbbing, squeezing pussy, shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum inside her.

“Oh my God, yes, I can feel it pumping, I can feel it shooting inside my pussy, and I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…CUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!” She cried out as she came hard, her orgasm wracking her body with intense waves of pleasure, washing over her like a sensual, sexual tidal wave.

Her pussy clenched and fluttered around Dean’s spurting, shooting cock as she milked the cum from him, caught up in the throes of her own orgasm. Her hips never stopped, always sliding along his cock as it spit stream after stream of cum inside her quivering pussy, slowing only when the throbbing of his cock inside her tunnel slowed.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Dean heard Christy moan, and in the midst of his orgasm he glanced over to see her lying back, her hand furiously working her pussy as she stared at his cock as it pumped his cum onto Taylor, her other hand pulling on her nipple as she came. Her thighs were clamped together and were quivering, and Dean knew that she was cumming hard.

As their mutual orgasms subsided Taylor’s hips slowed until she slid down on his cock one final time, then settled her hips onto his with his shaft slowly starring to soften inside her pussy. They were both gasping for breath, his hands lying limp on the couch, she propped up with her hands on his chest, her head hanging down with her long hair hanging down as well. Her huge breasts swayed gently with her breathing, her nipples still hard and erect, slightly swollen from all of the pinching and pulling he’d done to them. Then she slowly collapsed on top of him, her breasts mashed against his chest, her arms around his neck. Dean put his arms around her and held her gently as they both caught their breath.

She kept his cock trapped inside her now-drenched pussy, occasionally giving it a squeeze with her talented inner muscles. It finally got soft enough so that when she squeezed his cock it slipped out of her, releasing a small flood of his cum than ran out of her pussy and down over his balls. It was then that she propped herself up and looked at me.

“All I can say is, ‘wow!’” she said, smiling.

“Same here,” Dean replied, smiling back at her. “Wow!”

“Man, did you cum!” she said, sitting up on his hips, then lifting up and looking at the growing puddle of Dean’s cum beneath them. Taylor rolled off him to the floor and turned her head to Christy. "Top that one," she challenged.

To be continued?

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